Why I run #1: The path ahead

As part of my mental training for the marathon, I’ve been looking for reasons why I run. It’s no shock that one of these reasons is to be outdoors enjoying the scenery around me, but I’ve realised  the scene I get most captivated by is the path ahead of me. Whether it’s a beautiful country lane or a derelict urban street, something about the way a path leads into the distance is enchanting.

I’ve found evidence of this in my photo album, so I’m sharing a few reminders of the amazing places I’ve run in aid of invoking that great optimism felt by running into a beautiful scene.

The path ahead reveals unexpected beauty in the heart of a city


Ruskin Park, London


The High Line, Manhattan

The path ahead makes you want to run like a carefree child


Somewhere in North Hertfordshire


Somewhere in North Hertfordshire

The path ahead is iconic, like you’re running into history or a movie scene


Brooklyn Bridge, New York

The path ahead smacks you with urban vibrancy


Nr. Michaelkirchplatz, Berlin


Williamsburg Bridge, New York

The path ahead is rarely bad when it is basked in sunshine

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina

The path ahead isn’t always obvious 😉


Wimbledon Common, London


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