My name is Nicky Ashwell. I’m a Londoner, a young professional, a marathon runner, a tap dancer, and also a congenital amputee. In May 2015 I became the first person in the UK to receive a Bebionic small prosthetic hand – an incredible piece of robotic technology that brings me the closest I’ve ever been to the dexterity of  real hand. I’ve spoken in the media about its impact on my life and will continue to document my progress with it on this blog.

So what’s this Ashtag thing?

I’ve always wanted to blog  but choosing a name is painful. Too egocentric? Too abstract? Too childish? This problem was solved for me by a conversation with a colleague who pronounces his h’s very softly. “You can search using the (h)ashtag” he said, when we were discussing social media. Having the surname Ashwell, this tickled me. “Ashtag” sounded like a special kind of hashtag for things to do with me (egocentric – tick!) Which is all this blog is. I’ll diarise my experiences with the Bebionic and the opportunities it brings my way. Everything published here is in some way related to me, so I’ll classify it all under one Ashtag.

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